About Us

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site. 

NigeoSafe Consult Limited is a fast growing Nigerian company whose phenomenal growth has been evidenced by the successes we have recorded, despite being a fully operational entity for less than 2 years. We had previously operated as a unit under UPPER CLASS BUSINESS VENTURES and were referred to as the UPPER CLASS ENVIRONMENTAL TEAM. The volume of work we have been involved in required we carve out our operations and act as a stand-alone entity to enable a more dedicated approach to satisfying our ever increasing client base.

We are a very client oriented consultancy outfit, providing professional environmental services to cater to all manner of clientele, with a conscious effort geared at promoting sustainability and managing risk. We are registered and accredited by several regulatory agencies including the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA).

We focus on our quality and on creating strong client relations and business partnerships which enhance established operations, ensure regulatory compliance and enable new development plans. Taking into cognisance the business objectives of our clients, we look beyond simply mitigating risk but also creating custom solutions that remain competitive and do not hamper your commercial opportunities.

Our client focused approach builds trust and the confidence needed to allow the application of innovation and problem solving.We hope you give us a call today and join the roster of clients who can testify to the professional quality of our services.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement
“To continually provide top-notch environment services and solutions to our clients, using the industries best-practices without compromising our professional quality and competence”

This statement summarizes our continuous commitment to strive to improve, by evolving around our guiding principles:

  • Maintaining a strong dedication to health, safety, security and environment.
  • Hiring and rewarding talented minds and dedicated hands
  • Support improvement and innovation
  • Promoting a learning culture within a conducive working environment
  • Committing to strong financial performance
  • Encouraging consultation and clear communication
  • Building sustainable client relationships 
  • Preserving, protecting and enhancing natural and social resources.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the leaders at the fore-front of the battle to promote sustainable development and environmental awareness.

For a full brief on our Company profile, Our Company profile is available HERE.

Who We Serve

Our services are available to professions in various fields, whose operations directly or indirectly impact on the environment. These fields are inclusive of;

  • Retail Filling Stations
  • Oil and Gas Storage Facilities 
  • Hospitality (Hotels and QSR)
  • Large Municipal Developments – post construction approval (Estates, Large Constructions, Road Constructions, Ports, Airports, Factories e.t.c.)
  • Manufacturing Industrials.
  • Oil and Gas offshore sub-industry
  • Telecommunication Installations.

Amongst others